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You smiled and walked over to the couch where you entered his arms and snuggled close to him. This was nice…everything was peaceful for once. Nothing could ruin this…

P3:…I lov3 you M3da….

You murmured and closed your eyes, resting your head on his chest.

*you hug her tightly as you feel her snuggle into you, this was relaxing, the both of you hadn’t had anything this relaxing in such a long time it was nice*

[]=- i love you more sona

*you close your eyes and your breathing begins to slow slightly, maybe that movie had a sleeping effect*

"Empty Pockets"

((Meda always carries a medawatch))



«Oi! Don’t you lady at me. Rude.»

«Anyway, nothing’s stopping anyone who finds any corpse from throwing it on a crypt bed until the immortality sticks.»

«And I would be super excited to actually end up in Propsit, thank you. Seeing as how they killed my dreambody off and I never actually got to see it.»

«Ugh, it’s all just this stupid anti-progress midden again. I’m so tired of it!»

«There is nothing wrong with improving your life by making small, continuing changes! Why is everything sooooo pessimistic all the time!»

[]=- Yea….that doesn’t actually always worked like i said and you can still perma die by some really obscure rules, i don’t really know i was never given a manual on the thing i kinda just woke up like this

[]=- trust me its not all that great, its very gaudy even to some one like me who likes the color yellow

[]=- plus im used to adapting yo, its more like people have a natural fear of dying you know like before the game when we wouldn’t respawn

Send me, “Empty Pockets,” For something my muse caries at all times.



Aight I was thinking about god tiers and stuff because of too-cute’s rp (bless her she’s amazing) and I was thinking that maybe Lilo’s god-tier wasn’t good? What do you guys think? Should I change it? If so, to what?

Medamun, Lilo is, as of now, the Sylph of Rage, but I didn’t know if that really fit her.

((Hmm well it certainly suits lilo form the movies, i mean healing through rage or healing rage, she seems pretty good at healing rage between species, perhaps a slyph of blood healing peoples relationships might be a good one))




((No thanks im good, BUT CHEESE ISN’t))


((Uggh can i have some context please? i can’t find what your referring to in my prompts list?))


«Yeah but that’s nothing to do with dying, that’s torture.»

«Half the time things happen in this place that you just have no option but to pull a hard reset, and then people get really acidic about it?»

«Like if you’re looking at the choice between languishing in pain for two hours while someone runs to find a good Life Player to heal your wound, or just having your partner stab you through the heart and let the reset deal with it, why would you pick waiting? Why would you anyone get angry about that?»

«If people stayed dead, then that would be different, but they really, really don’t. But it still starts crazy vengeance cycles and stuff, and I don’t get it.»

[]=- thats the thing though lady, people CAN stay dead i mean hell i was lucky to godtier, if my time traveling moirail didn’t find my quest bed i would have been doomed to roam the dream bubbles forever after,

[]=- but again fandoms are against change, just like anyone else i mean meda-ing hell, how would you like it if you were suddenly trapped on a wierd place full golden buildings, but i digress people really don’t like change even the more adaptive of us

[]=- but matespiritship? i don’t know it;s just something that happens i mean it’s some one you deeply care about not in a moirail sense but someone you would share your soul with, i guess it’s not for everyone i mean i know when i had an ….incident the only thing i though of was pure logic and commands…so i guess it all comes down to people emotions